Trademark Renewal

Why Trademark Renewal is Essential to Your Business

Once registered and fully processed a trademark gives you the rights and protection needed on your products so that no one can copy or produce something like your product. This trademark gives your intellectual property protection for 10 years from the date that it has been filed.

Trademark renewal is not a frequent process however they can be a long winded and time consuming process as it requires great attention to detail to ensure all fields are accurate and requires consistent monitoring. However, trademark renewal is one of the most crucial activities for your business to do for you business to have full trademark protection.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewal Duration

When you register your trademark for your business your intellectual property is protected and generally in most countries valid for 10 years. After this period of time you will get the opportunity to apply for a trademark renewal every 10 years. Furthermore, Trademark renewal periods can differ depending on the country that it is being renewed or held in. For example, if you were to register for a trademark or trademark renewal in Canada it will give you 15 years of protection for your intellectual property. In addition, if the trademark is not used by the owner within the first 3 years of registration it can be cancelled.

Applying for Your Trademark Renewal

It is important for any business to consistently monitor their trademark to ensure they do not expire and lose your protection. Before the trademark does expire the renewal registration for your trademark can be made 6 months before the renewal date. If you fail to notice that your trademark is soon expiring, the trademark registry will write to the owner of the trademark 3 months prior to the renewal date as a reminder that their protection will soon end.

Once your trademark renewal application has been sent it will be fully processed to see if it adheres to the specifications and requirements needed to be approved. If this is the case and your trademark renewal is accepted the trademark registry will then send you a renewal certificate confirming your trademark renewal for a further 10 years.

Getting the Best of Legal Representation from Top Solicitors

Finding Helpemployment law

Different Fields of Legal Representation

Birmingham solicitors can direct you to finding experienced attorneys that will help you in an auto accident case, wills, transfer of property or getting though family and divorce cases. The firms are thoroughly reviewed, important facts about the firms gathered and relevant information documented on site. So you can access all the contact details, the specific services offered and the location of birmingham based attorney. That helps you to get in touch and fix an appointment through their online portal.

Easy Access to the Best Lawyers

Driving or walking to town to find an attorney to represent you in court over a personal injury case or probably a lawyer to help in signing papers for property transfer in town can be a daunting task. As such finding an solicitor can become time-consuming and be an inconvenient option to go for. Finding a lawyer in Birmingham through an online solicitor agency can be as easy as making a click on your mouse and you’ll soon be in touch with your lawyer to help you through any legal representation. Everything about the listed professional legal firms is real and you have the convenience of choosing the one you feel is the most ideal.

Value for Your Money

This not only connect you to the best legal representation in town, but they also ensure, you definitely get value for your money. Many of the legal reps listed in these sites are usually guaranteed to help clients to the best of their abilities. And if you would want a solicitor in birmingham to represent you in such cases as will probate, residential or commercial conveyancing or mortgages and equity release you’ll get those services at the best possible rates. Not only will you find the lawyers online in time but you’ll get value for your money in completing the transactions.

Tips on how to find solicitors in birmingham using online methods

Finding help

  1. Research online

law learning imageNowadays, most legal firms advertise the services online because it is cheap and it also enables them to reach out to more people. The first tips that will help you find reliable law firms in Birmingham is by conducting a thorough research online. When conducting your research, ensure that you limit your search to Birmingham solicitors so that you can be able locate local law firms. When you search for the word, ‘law firms in Birmingham’, the search engine will give you many firms that offer this service in Birmingham. It will now be upon you to carefully select a firm that you think will best cater for your needs.

  1. Read customer reviews on solicitors

Once you have located a law firm using online methods, it is very important to first visit the company’s website and read what previous clients who have used the services of that particular company are saying about it. If past clients are happy with services rendered by the solicitors in birmingham that you are considering to hire, then chances are that the company is trustworthy and reliable. On the other hand, if previous clients are not happy with the quality of services rendered by that particular law firm that you are considering to hire, then chances are the company is unreliable and should be avoided at all cost. Only hire a law firm that enjoys good reputation from its current and past clients.

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